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Business Climate of Myrtle Beach | MBREDC

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Business Climate

Companies from around the world can feel it. They’re feeling the warmth of the superior business climate that’s moving into the Myrtle Beach area.  That’s because community leaders in Horry County make doing business their business, by providing an environment where companies can plant their roots, grow, thrive and prosper.

It’s well known that millions of visitors travel to the Myrtle Beach area each year to enjoy the warm weather and sandy beaches, but more and more companies are taking notice of the business climate here that’s also a growing attraction.  With nationally low tax rates, competitive labor costs, affordable real estate and overall cost of doing business, Myrtle Beach offers an invaluable community for businesses.

Through the collaborative efforts and network of local companies, industries and community leaders, we continue to work together to diversify the local economy, grow industries and provide a supportive business environment. See all the wealth of potential we offer in our area.

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