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Cost of Living in Myrtle Beach | MBREDC

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Cost of Living

With a population growth rate at a whopping 37 percent, it’s clear that a wave of people have already chosen to catch the rising tide to Myrtle Beach. In fact, the affordability of living and doing business in the Myrtle Beach area makes it one of the fastest growing MSAs in the country. All signs point toward an award-winning community hospital system, a cost of living ranked well below the national average, and many educational options that act as built-in job training programs right in our backyard – including a top-ranked university and multiple trade schools.  

The cost of living in Horry County is an average 7 percent lower than the rest of the U.S. That’s why people from around the world have chosen to make Myrtle Beach their home, thanks to a variety of affordable real estate options and low taxes and interest rates.  Once you’re settled in, you’ll find the third largest public school system in the state to enroll your kids, plus bountiful opportunities for outdoor recreation, shopping and star-studded entertainment.

Located in the northern corner of South Carolina’s East Coast, Myrtle Beach is known primarily as a tourist destination, with our miles of award-winning beaches and championship golf courses, but you’ll find that our city is so much more than that.


ACCRA Cost of Living Index
Cities Composite Index Grocery Items Housing Cost  Utilities   Transportation  Health Care Misc Goods & Services
New York, NY 220.4 135.9 451.4 133.8 126.7 106.2 151.6
San Francisco, CA 161.6 119.5 295.6 95.1 115.2 120.1 116.8
Washington, D.C. 140.1 108.2 249.3 104.1 105.8 98.8 96.9
Boston, MA 139.7 125.8 176.5 144.4 104.4 126.3 130.2
Pittsburgh, PA 121.3 113.1 142.9 128.2 105.4 100.2 114.8
Charleston, SC 100.2 105.1 89.4 113.6 96.0 103.2 103.8
Virginia Beach, VA 100.1 93.0 96.4 110.2 96.9 102.7 103.7
Charlotte, NC 95.7 101.9 84.3 106.6 98.7 98.3 97.3
Atlanta, GA 95.3 91.4 87.7 92.1 102.3 102.7 100.0
Myrtle Beach, SC 94.1 100.7 73.9 118.5 96.0 104.3 97.8


* ACCRA complies and publishes a Cost Of Living Index every quarter, to show the cost of living comparison in more that 300 cities and areas across the U.S.  Listed are a few examples of how the Myrtle Beach area compares to other cities across the country.


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